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Episode 36: Not Technically Cannibalism - 10 Jan 2022 17:05


Plot was mostly just making stuff up based on who might be around in the area, and possibly talking to my other gaming group about what to throw at people.

IC Play

The group continued to scout ahead for the caravan. Kosa and Saronil came across some rather odd baboon tracks. They were surprised a few minutes later to see a naked man burst from the bushes. Saronil tried to follow him, casting Detect Enemies, but he just ran away.

Then there were naked men and women everywhere. Saronil thought he could see an elephant-human hybrid in the distance.1 Everyone else counted naked people and rather odd-looking bipeds. They went to report this to the caravan master, who knew what it was - a Morokanth herd. They went past carefully, not disturbing the slavers.

Soon they reached a caravan where the usual band declaring arrivals would have to fight for water had been replaced by a group of just four people, some wearing heavy-duty iron. They negotiated; the leader, a man dressed in an iron breastplate that incorporated a large Moon Rune, was Duke Raus, a border land-holder. Kosa recognised him from her time in New Pavis. He asked the group to help him get back a man of his who had been taken as a slave, and then reduced to a herd animal by the Black Claw clan of the Morokanth, who were nearby. Raus said the man would prefer to be dead than to be an animal, but was wanted back very badly.

With the agreement of the caravan master, who would get water out of the deal, and with 100 L for expenses, they went to find the morokanth. There were impala riders following the herd, but nobody challenged them. The Morokanth were good hosts, and offered them food, including what was obviously (to the non-Praxian observer) human meat. While they were cooking, the group worked out that the bipedal posture was for show - the Morokanth were happier on four feet. Aria pretended to eat, successfully, while others ate, or politely refused.

The price they had for Daine the herdman was 125 L, and for another 100 L they were prepared to sell the information on who had sold him to the group. They paid this, with Saronil footing the bill, and then set off. On the way away, they were held up by Impala riders, who took another 50 L in 'tribute' but warned them about rhino riders who were in the area.

Raus was happy to see his man again, and Saronil got re-imbursed. Raus offered hospitality if they were ever in Sun County, and the group travelled on, reaching New Pavis.

Fargast passed a message from Eril to Roneer, High Sword of the Temple of Humakt.

Kerentha went to visit the Argan Argar Temple, where after she talked about the Morokanth, she was blindfolded and taken to speak to a Mistress Troll. This time, night vision magic was cast on her, and she could see the troll - it was vaguely crocodilian, with drooping ears made droopier by lead earrings, and clothing that was probably made of the skin of trollkins and humans. Kerentha told her everything about the Morokanth and Daine, and was told not to say anything.

Aria did her usual sort of trading.

Kosa, after training in the Humakti Temple for a while, went to her own Temple. She was told to watch herself around the White Bull, and that trolls might be making people go missing.

Other Things

It was nice to have a completely non-Praxian group, so that basically everyone went 'ew' at the slave-eating and didn't get that the naked humans were just animals.


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Episode 35: Death on First Name Terms - 23 Oct 2021 16:15


The plot was taken from a mix of getting the PCs together and the Chaosiumn 2018 Dragonmeet free scenario .

IC Play

Fargast, a Humakti in the service of Lord Eril, was sent with a message to the Temple of Humakt at the Shaker Temple. Eril said that if he met up with anyone returning to Boldhome, it would be advisable to stay with them. Lord Heenith had some advice on the path to take, through Runegate, and up through Tarsh.

He went off that way, finding that the Temple of Humakt was painted very red, and decorated in unusual fashion. This was where Grandfather Mortal's blood was spilt and he was killed. Here he met the others, recognising Saronil and being introduced to the rest. Karentha in the mean time had been told by Amara to stay with the group and explore, now that the Shaker Temple plans for Androus had fallen through with his death.

The group headed to Wintertop together, taking Andros' remains, now ashy bone, tied to his golden horse. They stayed with Kerentha's family, and to the general dismay of the party she picked up another mount, this one a stag beetle. Her father was a very political person, asking all sorts of questions.

They left, heading down towards the Dragon Pass itself. A couple of days out, they were followed by bandits, or at least, people on foot and in the treetops. They ran away when waved at. Kerentha tried to speak to them as a noble, and this did not do anything.

In the night they tried to sneak up, twice, but were thwarted, and gave up. The group crossed the river by duck ferry, getting to Boldhome without resistance. There were no problems, and they arrived in the afternoon of water day, in stasis week. All was peaceful, even after they reported to their temples.2 Saronil informed the Sun Dome Temple of Andros' death. Aria talked to the trader lord Feshin abbuot what had happened, and he advised her not to go North again. Kosa was told to stick around Aria, and given travel money. Karentha talked to both the Argan Argar and Maran Gor temples - Maran Gor's priestesses told her to investigate the trollkin if she was around that area again. Fargast reported to Heenith about the journey, and then later, Saronil reported directly to Lord Eril.

Eril suggested that Saronil volunteer to take Androus' horse back to the Praxian Sun Dome Temple. The Temple invested a lot in Androus, but considered him tainted by failure and wished non-Yelmalians to take him as a result. After Saronil had suggested this to Fargast, Eril gave Fargast a letter to take to Lord Roneer at the Temple of Humakt in New Pavis. He was not allowed to tell even Saronil, but was not ordered to defend the letter unto Death. Everyone else had politely-worded notes suggesting that they talk to Saronil, so they arrived to do that, working out that Lord Eril also expected them to volunteer. Entertainment was provided when the Sun Dome Temple arrived to ask for an escort for a body and a horse. Lord Eril was absolutely charming, in public, with the Sundomer obviously feeling trolled.

The group set off through the North Gate, which now had a bridge over the crater. They headed to Swenstown, after an argument with Karentha, who wanted to paint the golden horse to look less horselike, and the others, who insisted it was wrong because that was Androus' horse and he would never have done it. Eventually Kosa's smile shut Karentha up.

Aria managed to find a group of Issarians and arrange getting paid as guards, while escorting the golden horse in the middle. She forgot to mention a suggestion that they could find the Pol Joni, horse-riding Praxians. The group set off, primarily used as scouts.

WHile they were ahead of the caravan, the animals started to get nervous, and some of them started towards a hill - effectively a giant dune. They could see that wind had blown earth clear, and exposed part of a hidden ziggurat, in no style they could comprehend. It was beautiful and ornate, but alien. The animals stayed to graze, amid lush grass with many piles of bones in it. They were all animal bones, and showed no signs of trauma. Kosa was sure she could hear human voices. Karentha was sure she could hear beetles. amd evem saw one inside. Aria, whose mount was unaffected, headed back to tell the caravan and halt it. Fargast and Saronil charged into the ziggurat, with Kosa not far behind. There was no movement within, but they could see what looked like coffin niches lining the wall.

Fargast felt out for the present of the undead, and found there was one thing, half buried under rubble, and a few others. As they made their way towards the undead thing, it rose up from the rubble. Fargast cast Turn Undead on in, and if fled in terror. The warriors gave chase, but Kosa fell behind while the dead drifted in to fight. The ghosts surrounded Fargast, and while he destroyed or banished two of them, a third got past his defenses and he collapsed for a moment, then ran off without his sword. Saronil managed to fight so hard that he hurt himself. However, he was redeemed by fighting the revanant, which he slew, releasing all of the ghosts.

Kosa was chasing after Fargast when Saronil killed the revenant, which released the Humakti. Aria returned at that point, having missed all of the action. They gathered up the monster's old armour and its chain, which was marked with darkness and undeath runes, like those on the chains worn by the cannibal virgins. They decided to take it to a Humakti Temple to be destroyed.

Other Things

I seem to have decided these ghosts were undead. I don't think ghosts are in general, but these were special.

Lord Eril continued to be terrifyingly good at politics, and was therefore able to work out where people would be and what temples would ask of his temple, and get the whole band on the road.

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Episode 34: Well, That Could've Gone Better - 28 Jun 2021 15:30


Include brief summing-up.

Did I get the plot from somewhere? If so, where?

IC Play

The group had settled into the Guest house in the Shaker Temple. Androus had told them that he was going to be doing the Hill of Gold. The Earth temple had been very interested in Zorak Zoran's encounters with the party after Androus' brush with the Dark Troll.

The group was summoned in to see the Priestess Amara once more. The room was dark, lit only by a brazier, and it seemed to be the same room, but it took longer to get there this time. Amara said that they would all be taking part in the Hill of Gold Heroquest, in some way, but that it would have more parts than they knew. The brazier flared, and there was a singer there, who told them of the quest.

At the court of Yelm, Yelmaleo competed with Orlanth because Orlanth wanted attention of Yelm. Yelmaleo decided to see if Orlath was worthwhile, and beat him in a horse race across skies. Yelm was pleased and gave him gifts, including a bow, a spear, and a shield. He lost all of this on the Hill of Gold, and was about to die when his friends found him. Yelmaleo looked in the darkness for his father. Ernalda sent Orlanth away, and told Yelmalio there was a way to get his father’s gift back while Orlanth was gone. Yelmalio traveled as Ernalda sents him to where earthquakes were constant3. He survived, getting to see Asrelia's treasure room, and taking the gift from where it had been stored.

This HeroQuest had apparently not been performed in full since the Silver Age. This might have been before Time began or the sun was killed; things were unclear. However, it should be understood the gift from his father was some part of Yelm's power.

Amara spoketo Kosa privately. She was given instructions to prevent Orlanth from winning the horse race through cheating, and told to make a note of everything that happened, and come back to Tarsh or Sartar and tell Maran Gor. There was a heavy implication that Androus was expected to die.

Everyone went to their Temple to prepare, and then back to the Guest House. After a while, that evening, they smelled smoke. It grew quickly, and Aria passed out. The rest found that their house was surrounded by flame. After a while, they worked out that with the addition of a roof fire, they were in a giant Fire/Sky Rune. Shortly after that, Androus re-entered the burning house and was in his father's Sky Place. They found themselves on the Hero Plane, with Aria most connected to both of the worlds, and able to see the Middle World as well.

Androus: Yelmalio
Kerentha: Zephyr, a light wind
Kosa: an unnamed Doorkeeper
Aria: Aria ("Air")
Saronil: Humakt, the North Wind

Orlanth, half drunk, decided to visit the realm of the Sky, and change things where Yelm was. His brothers came with him, but Humakt refused to play unfair. On reaching the house they were challenged by the doorkeeper, but invited in by Yelmalio, who feasted Orlanth and challenged him to ride across the sky on horses. Orlanth was sure he could do this, and sent his brother Zephyr off to find some - Zephyr also tried to find out what horses WERE. As it turned out, they were hippogryphs. Orlanth could not persuade his brothers to cheat for him, and was not as good a rider as Yelmalio, who left a golden arrow by a star as proof he had been there, and beat Orlanth back. His father was pleased with the victory, and gave him gifts, but less pleased that Change had been invited into the hall. Orlanth went home to be drunk and disorderly.

They came briefly back to the Middle World, where Androus noted that his breastplate was now a round chest piece of gold, and studded leather abdominal pieces. His horse was unhappy.

Then he found himself at the Hill of Gold. He managed to slip away from Orlanth after losing all of his gifts, but was accosted by a Troll, who broke him in half with a mighty blow. The HeroQuest ended, and the others saw Androus' battered body fall. They had been elves, strange creatures grown to interact with humans. (Kerentha was a black elf.)

They mourned him, with Saronil singing his grief, and set off to take his equipment back to the Sun Dome Temple in Boldhome.

Other Things

I asked Androus player how much risk he wanted to take, so this was not a total surprise - he wanted to do as much good as he could for Yelmalio.

Androus: fumbled Scan.
"Everyone else: the roof is on fire." - GM

Kerentha is stuck inside a recurring nightmare regarding loyalties, earthquakes and Judas goats.

"I say we trust the gods." - Kosa
"I say we trust the Shaker Temple." - Kerentha

Kerentha: "Don't win, Androus. Once is understandable, but twice? Near the Shaker Temple? Bad idea."

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Episode 33: We Biffed a Beetle - 24 Jun 2021 16:55


The party had been sent by Fazzur to take a message to the Shaker Temple.

The plot was going to be at the Shaker Temple, but instead was provided by travel, beetles,and arguments.

IC Play

The group travelled, rather nervously, through Lunar Tarsh. They spotted a dust cloud riding, which turned out to be a Lunar patrol that was not very casual at all; possibly even directed. They managed to hide in a culvert off a rocky path, but although they got away from the Lunars, Kerentha's beetle decided to take a chunk out of Kosa's horse. Kerentha tried to bribe the beast, while Saronil tried to smite it, to silence the fight, and came off distinctly better, in that he was alive at the end of the fight, while the beetle was dying.

The group then heard other noises, and on investigating found Trollkin. Androus immediately challenged them, as they were creatures of darkness, but they did not answer. He therefore set out to wound each one, according to his interpretation of his geas. This panicked them, and they split up, trying to lead him off and kill him, while he followed.

Meanwhile, one that had managed to get past him, wounded, crawled up to the beetle and began sobbing openly, comforting the thing in its last moments. It had Darkness and Beast Runes carved on its skin. Karentha failed to communicate with the trollkin, and Androus retreated, wounded, but still calling out his challenges. There was a lot of noise.4 Aria coaxed the trollkin into leaving, and they did,taking a beetle leg with them - the one that was already mostly hanging off.5

The group pondered routes. Aria remembered a rocky path further back up the road, and they went that way. Aria fell into a very very cold lake while trying to keep her horse safe, although she was rescued quickly. She was nevertheless freezing and miserable for a while. However, it seemed they had lost the Lunars.

They travelled through Old Tarsh, where there were few troops, little food, and a lot of evidence of fires. They reached the Shaker Temple near the end of Disorder week in Earth Season, when there was already a festival happening. Androus was sure he could feel shaking beneath his feet, but when he asked about it, was told he was blessed.6 They were held as honoured guests, with a very simple square guesthouse given over to them, until the Priestess Amara could speak with them. Kosa and Saronil both spent some time at their shrines.7

During this time they met several priestesses, and decided not to talk to the women dressed only in bloodied chains.

Amara spoke with them in a room with a single brazier in, below the ground. She said that they were politically interesting to a lot of people because Saronil had failed at keeping Death from Zorak Zoran, but Yelmalio had taken fire back from him; everyone was mystically entwined, but Aria was a weak link because she was only there conceptually, and had not taken part. She was therefore in danger. She let them know about the political situation; some were offended by what Andros did, some Humaktis thought that Saronil had failed. Some who followed Yanafal Tarnils thought they could do better. "Friends should understand there is a lot of politics balanced on them, with the lunars and at boldhome." She said a commander of large lunar unit was interested in them. However, the Priestess was more interested in Androus than anyone else, saying that the group (and possibly the Temple) must be ready when others tried to take Androus power from him. She called on him to talk with her later, alone.

When Androus had a talk with Amara at dawn - in the same room, but very brightly lit, and with many women there - she asked him questions about why Yelmalio did not search for Yelm in the Great Darkness, and about loyalty. Amara noted cold-bloodedly that she would be very happy to kill him if he failed her; she had a plan. A trickle of the Father's blood had been held from Yelmalio, for failing to find his father, but if he could go through the Hill of Gold and find the details of Yelmalio's searching, then he could attain knowledge. In effect, by doing a version of the Hill of Gold that they helped him with, they could open up the Shield spell to Yelmalio once more.

Other Things

“I don’t think I even have ride beetle” - Kerentha
“Why are you riding a beetle then?” - Aria?

Androus: I'm looking for the undamaged one
Kosa: At his challenge, Kosa does face palm, as best as possible with a shield in hand.

Hendira: Aria gets full points for sense.

Hendira: "Androus, this is not honour, it is slaughter."

Aria, after rolling on Survival: "Oh no. That's more zeroes than I like to see."

Aria: "I'm not stripping in front of everyone! Does someone have a spare sheet?"
Kosa is impatient. "I've spent years in an Earth Temple. You have nothing I haven't seen. Just change."

Kosa: Kosa is very happy here. Can she wander off to a shrine?
Kosa: She does so.
Kosa: Kosa will make a blood sacrifice at her shrine.
Hendira: Kerentha isn't happy. She is in a middle ground between terror and a feeling of safety.

Androus: I'll go barefoot.
Hendira: I would warn him against this, but I kind of want him to be Shaker-ed.
Hendira: ShAkEr-Ed.

Hendira: So… how come I have Loyalty (Shaker Temple) on my sheet, but not Fear (Shaker Temple)?

Androus: they are capable of great subtlety. Sadly, they are utterly disinterested in exercising it.

Aria: I always thought it would be odd to choose to be a Humakti, but this Temple is making me rethink that.

Hendira: There should be Insight (Earthquake)

‘This priestess does make me feel at home too, it’s just that I had a dysfunctional childhood at home’ - Karentha

"Your POW is now 7." - GM
"I'm rich." - Aria

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Episode 32: Good News, You Aren't Dead - 24 Jun 2021 15:57


Fire Day of Truth Week.

Androus had taken a week at his Temple, who were effectively keeping out of all the politics that others were embroiled in, and had demanded that his service this season was internal, and would happen *now*.

The re-waking of the flame meant that Sartar had a Wyter once more, even if it did not have a Prince to be the Priest of that Wyter.

Saronil's summary: Immediately after all the Yelmalians left, one of the tribal leaders of the Colymar took offense at not getting to go up to the palace & Saronil fought a duel against him to prevent this. Saronil won, but then let the Nameless go up. Then later, Saronil was guarding the Prince's body and there was a lot of shouting and running around with torches in the city, which Saronil doesn't actually know much about, but believes was the Colymar. And then later Kallyr's body, which wasn't rotting by the way, immolated and lit the flame of Sartar
Also, we should send a message to Kosa with the good news.

Plot was created from the mix of things going on at the time and background politics for everyone who was present.

IC Play

Back at the Battlefield of Queens, Kosa woke to be told that Aria was dead. This, along with knowing her mind had been taken from her by Lunar magic once more, shook her badly.

Meanwhile, Saronil arranged for a message to be sent to Kosa, telling her that Aria was alive. The Issarians hired a Humakti to do it; Saronil. The instruction came down via the Temple structure, telling him to take his friends.8 This would give him the chance to deliver the message and then go look for Aria.9

The group told Kosa the good news, which cheered her up but made her more determined to help Aria. Kerentha was happy because they could meet Aria and finally take her to the Shaker Temple. Everyone was happy!10

Aria, meanwhile, was making her way from Dunstop towards Alda Chur. She successfully avoided some Lunars by making her way to high ground, but was escorted in to Alda Chur by cavalry, who did not at first know who she was. Eventually they worked it out and they gave her a nicer house to be a free-ranging prisoner in. She was allowed around the city, but not out. While looking for things and people she knew, she found that the Lunars had engraved Moons on the Temple of Humakt. Sword Gallem was nowhere to be seen.

The rest of the party went towards Alda Chur by way of Dangerford and Herongreen, where Androus rather upset the locals by saying that Fazzur was not so bad.

The group coming in to Alda Chur were escorted in by Sun Dome Templars, and arrested. Saronil turned out to be not good at keeping secrets, much to Karentha’s annoyance, giving away much of what they were doing. However, they were at least reunited. The Yelmalian with decision-making powers over them turned out to be Weeping Helver. Saronil paid his ransom, while Aria could not quite afford it.

The party could not find a way to escape that they were willing to risk, especially given that Saronil had said he would not use his sword to try to escape. However, they had only been in the city for a few days when Fazzur Wide-read himself arrived, and asked them to take a message for him, to the Shaker Temple. This was handy for everyone, as it got them out of his city without him having to execute his kinswoman's friends.

Other Things

On the way out, they noticed several gibbets, but Saronil failed to see that one of the bodies within was Gallem, surrounded by crows. Thus, nobody died.

GM: *list of people who know Aria is alive, with one major exception*
Androus: I believe Aria is aware she's alive…

Kosa: "You're hired. Please take your friends." = "Go away."

Hendira: This is like a pantomine.
GM: Oh no it's not.

Kosa: "Excuse me, I have to work out whether that was a fumble." A (after rolling charm)

Kosa: Look at you lot, just throwing money at things. You must have lunars to burn.
GM: To melt.

"I talked to Fazzur. Pharandros is the crazy one." - Kosa. Perhaps accurately.

Aria, to Fazzur: Uncle…
Kosa: Uncle?

Saronil: A high truth rune is a blessing, not a disadvantage
Androus: "How can you be Honourable, if not True?"
Saronil: It's like Humakt's wonderful blessing of protection from resurrection

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Episode 31: You're Only In Charge Because Everyone Else Is Dead - 24 Jun 2021 14:34


The PCs, having failed to keep Kallyr alive, were set to guarding her body. Kosa was ICly out of action, so her player took over Korol Serpent-tongue, Chief of the Varmandi. Aria and Androus were not present OOC.

Plot was based on previous actions and their consequences.

IC Play

Karentha & Saronil met Korol, Chief of the Varmandi and loyal Thane of Leika, on the way back with the body. Even going back it was clear there were tensions, as Nameless and other Colymar were trying to get control of Kallyr's corpse, and guard it, while others were not letting them.

At the foot of the palace stairs, in Boldhome, Tennebris took charge of the body, taking Saronil and Karentha and a few others as guards, and leaving Nameless below, with thanks. Once they were at the top, he sent Saronil back down with thanks and gifts, but no invitation for the Honour Guard to share hospitality.

Korol dis not take the message well and ordered a guard to stay at the base of the stairs, which he had been entrusted with, but he himself tried to go up to the palace with his bodyguard. Saronil challenged him to fight. After some flurries of blows and magic, an already wounded Korol befuddled Saronil, but then tried to punch him with his remaining hand, and Saronil got his sword in the way, thus defeating Korol. Nameless was allowed to go up, on the promise of good behaviour, to talk to Tennebris.

Karentha, meanwhile, to check in with the Maran Gor temple about what to do when her escortee is dead. They essentially wished her good luck with that. She sent back a message to this effect, to the Shaker Temple, anyhow. Karentha then went to the Temple of Argan Argar, who were also less than helpful, but in a rather nicer way.

Saronil talked to the Issarians about Aria’s body & family, and how to break the news to them.

Saronil and Karentha were sent to guard the body (possibly by Eril. It sounds like the sort of thing he would do. Possibly by Tennebris), and settled in for the night. Meanwhile, Nameless gave an unlit torch to Koral, and sent him to the Palace. This time, he was able to get up the stairs, and in, but then multiple palace guards got in his way. There was a lot of posturing.

Outside, Saronil and Karentha noticed that there were people in the streets with torches; Colymar, as far as they could tell.

Korol ordered his guards forward, and tried to burst through the lines of the bodyguards, but they kept their spears online, and the situation escalated. However, the body-count was low, because many more guards arrived, surprisingly quickly, and Korol was hemmed in, unable to move, and not wishing to cause slaughter.

Out by her pyre, in the brazier of the flame, Kallyr burst into flames and relit the flame of Sartar, surprising just about everyone, and making Tennebris weep because he knew he had lost her forever.

A few days later, Saronil was given news from Dunstop; Aria was alive.

Other Things

At some point, Korol swore that Saronil would be in serious trouble if he came through Varmandi lands. This did indeed come up later…

"It's not like it's your fault?" - Korol

"You will remember-" - GM
"Some of them will. Most of us were unconscious." - Hendira

"I have one sentence!" - S
"Is it a Death Sentence?" - GM

"I haven't turned his polite thanks into here is your money, fuck off." - Saronil

"Lord Tennebris sends deep thanks for the service done for Prince Kallyr by the Colymar and gives these gifts in recognition." - Tennebris

"If you would pass, fight me. I'll not have you interrupt the sleep of the dead for petty political problems." - Saronil

"Make Lord Eril proud. Or at least make him slightly amused." - Hendira

"This is a very Gloranthan way to sort out a political disagreement." - Hendira

"I miss home. At least there I only get into political squabbles that are mine." - Hendira

"I like dragonewts. They don’t do this sort of stupid thing. Mind you, they are really weird." - Hendira

"Oh, her brains had dribbled out of her ears, hadn't they?" - GM
"Yeah, lunar madness magic." - Saronil
"Good times." - Ethrava

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Episode 30: Being a messenger sucks, also everyone dies - 11 Jun 2021 11:16


The PCs had been told to go deliver a message to Kallyr from Leika that was at best borderline insulting. They went to do it, and then found out that dragonewts were really weird.

Plot was an extension of what had been happening over the past few weeks, following (as best as the GM knew it) the Official Line of Facts.

IC Play

As the group travelled to Boldhome, they worked out that all of the Fyrds seemed to have been called up - there was a lot of marching, mostly away from where the adventurers were going. They noted as they came into Boldhome that people had been warned in advance; the place was mustering.

After getting up the steps, they delivered their message. It seemed that Kallyr was ready, and while irritated, she did not blow her top. Instead, she rewarded the group by inviting them to join her honour guard. Kallyr also had words for Eril about him sending Saronil off to Dangerford against her orders, but he was able to say, entirely truthfully, that he had sent Saronil to Alda Chur. Kallyr did not push it, given that the end result had been a lack of invasion.

Gratefully, Saronil returned to Black Sword to the Temple of Humakt, noting the care with which it was treated. Runelord Heenith seemed to be cautiously worshipful.

Kallyr led her army out and turned the wrong way, as far as the PCs could tell, going to High Wyrm and a nearby altar. There, she called in a favour that allowed the entire army the chance to walk along the Dragonewt road, arriving at Oldtop before Leika, and in good time to greet the Queen of the Colymar.

There was a great battle; Saronil and Karentha were knocked unconscious by magic. Aria was almost killed in a terrified but determined defence of Kallyr, who was killed by assassins. Aria only escaped by having Issaries return her to a market, a place of peace that left her in Dunstop, without any weapons. Androuranos was magnificent in battle, but Kosa was attacked by a Mindblast and left gibbering.

Other Things

Saronil's player wrote a death-song for Aria, after he could not find her body and she failed to appear.

Life is ended, dim thy eyes,
a journey long, behind thee lies
Farewell friend, in honour slain
And never shall we meet again

This was enough to put Loyalty Aria on his sheet, given she was not in fact dead.

'A rough translation would be, "I am doing this. Keep out, or come deal with it personally."' - Hendira
'My notes from last week summarise the message as "We’re going to go fight the Lunars, you can join us if you really want, but we’re in charge because we’re going to get there first."' - Saronil

'"A disorder" is now the official group noun for Storm Bulls.' - Androus

"About that favour." - Kallyr
"Oppression is the slave of duty!" - Dragonewt

Hendira: So that's why we took the dragonnewt road - to win a petty race between queens.
Saronil: yep
Saronil: a very important petty race

Androus: It is not bad for shit to go down. The alternative is worse.

Saronil: Probably going to look for Aria, this is not likely to work well.

Androus: OK, that's fresh. Androus actually passes Intrigue.
Hendira: Oh look. They're fighting over a corpse.

Hendira: Between a pair of diplomats. One of the most dangerous places to be.
Hendira: I don't think Androus is the "rock" in this scenario.

Taking Saronil aside: "How are you with politics?" - Androus
"Mostly oblivious." - Saronil

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Episode 29: Beetle versus Mule - 06 Jun 2021 17:01


The PCs could not get to Alda Chur and therefore safely through to the Shaker Temple, so they got embroiled in Sartarite politics instead.

Plot was about the GM working out what would be interesting in getting the adventurers to the Battle of Queens.

IC Play

Kosa had followed along with Fazzur's army to be sure that Orontes was treated well. She did not gain any new *news* but she did have assurances that he would be treated as a prisoner should be treated, with honour. There was the understanding, however, that when he was executed it would be quick - and certain. She did reaffirm things he had said before; that Pharandros was likely to invade by Runegate, and that he was possibly possessed by the ghost of Moirades. She had a few more details on the civil war that was likely about to burst out in Tarsh.

Saronil sheathed Skaal, although a little of his spirit was trapped on the Hero Plane when he did so. They all set out for Clearwine. Karentha lost control of her beetle, which tried to eat a mule, with hilarious11 consequences. It had Light cast on its eyes, and Saronil beat it off with a sword. They stopped off in Jonstown to tell the news to various temples, and then arrived in Clearwine and did the same. Androus went to help the Ulerians with the seasonal holy day, after telling everything to a somewhat drunk Light Son who had thought he was going to have a day off.

Queen Laika summoned everyone early the next morning, and called on Aria to be her herald. The message was, "The people of Colymar stand ready and the Colymar are at muster. Feel free to meet us at Runegate." Leika then entertained the group all day, meaning they could not set off until her hospitality was done with them.

Other Things

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Episode 28: The Island of Danger and Snacks - 06 Jun 2021 12:03


Karentha was trying to get Aria moving towards the Shaker Temple. Certain other political forces, chiefly but not only Lord Eril, were trying to protect Aria.

Plot was chiefly from with some start/end points added.

IC Play

Karentha attempted to have Aria ride at night on beetles to the Shaker Temple, despite Aria having mules. Karentha also wanted to leave behind the day-time bodyguards and go alone for speed. Aria was unconvinced, as was Kosa and everyone else, but Karentha set out to arrange it anyhow, as travelling at night was, to her mind, safer. However, she found out that there were no troll bodyguards available, despite having been assured there would be, a few hours before12.

Eril ordered Saronil to take the Black Sword, relic of his Temple, to Galen the God-talker in Alda Chur. He added that if that were not possible, Saronil should draw it at Dangerford. Just touching the Black Sword nearly killed Saronil.13

On seeing the sword, Kosa was immediately attracted to its aura, and the feel of it14. Saronil bought some expensive black cloth to wrap the sword up in, so he did not have to wear it, and to keep its aura back. That night, he dreamed of fighting a Holmgang, of glory, bringing death to everyone around him. He was holding an iron sword in his left hand, although he fought with his right.

The group set off for Alda Chur, but only got as far as Dangerford, where they found that the Lunars were building a bridge on the other side. It looked like a very impressive bit of military engineering. Saronil drew the sword15, and its spirit, Skaal, emerged, and asked the group to volunteer to fight the army in single combat. Meanwhile, an island coalesced in the ford area, created by the sword enforcing its own reality upon the world. Having made sure to send the word about the army, they stepped onto the island, and challenged the army. Skaal was delighted to have them sitting down and eating and enjoying themselves and accepting his hospitality, and the food from magical cauldrons16 was good.

The Lunars sent over boats and tried to take the island by storm, but Skaal proved himself entirely able to dismember a landing force, even cutting down their arrows. After that, volunteers rolled up. The island could enforce waiting for magic to be over or dismissed before the next fight, and thus Saronil went first, fighting a huge warrior, Robustus, and taking him down. Everyone else did put helpful magic on each other, but it was not much needed.

The next man to step up was in iron armour, and he turned out to be rather important. Prince Orontes of Tarsh, nephew of the King, obviously entirely outmatched Androus, and the whole party, but he had come to surrender in the hope of defecting. He just needed to make it look good, and said he would go down at the first blow. Skaal had no ruling on this, and so with some compunctions, Androus fought him; indeed, Orontes surrendered once he had fallen to a head blow, and so the rules of the island were kept, although Orontes was obviously a slimy and unclean thing…

Orontes gave the group some news about what might be going on in the palace of King Moirades, and went to hide on the back of the island and be grateful he was alive.

After that, the Lunars took people who were probably not even volunteers, and made a massive four-armed demon out of them, sending it against the island. Kosa stood up against it. It turned out to breath fire. As she cut off bits of it, ghosts came out and fled, making it marginally less effective. She slew it, and it seemed to die with relief.

A little later, they spotted the Lunar Magicians being arrested on the orders of the general of the army, who was there in person. Fazzur Wideread was Not Pleased, and came out to the island under a flag of truce to apologise, and to have snacks pressed on him by Skaal. His apology include an offer of a two-hour window in which they could leave the island, and a promise that if they did not, he would send one of his bodyguard or a high ranking officer of Yanafil Tarnils every fifteen minutes until they were all dead. He let them talk about it for a while, and retreated to go have food on the shore.

The group decided they had done all they could; they had held up the army for several hours, effectively giving Sartar an extra day, and they were convinced of Fazzur's honour and his intention to destroy them if he got in the way. They decided to accept the offer, and signalled him back to the island to tell him.

Suddenly, as they were in the middle of talking, everyone knew that there was an assassin present, and Fazzur was the target. Kosa got in the way, while others attacked the assassin, and then Fazzur was at least technically in their debt, although he seemed more angry than scared. However, he mastered his emotions quickly and offered Androus 5000 Lunars as ransom for Orontes. Androus agreed to it before he realised what he was doing, and everyone felt that his word was his bond, so a horrified Orontes was handed over.

The group looked at the money for a while, and even considered burying it on the island. They did not want it. Finally Androus decided to lodge it at his Temple to be used when he decided what to do, wishing it to be used for the captive's family or some honourable cause, but not wanting to have any hand in its distribution. Orontes was taken off in chains, and the army marched away towards Alda Chur. The group decided not to walk through a war zone, although Kosa followed Fazzur's army to be sure that Orontes was being treated well.

Other Things

The PCs had been around Dangerford a lot without mention of this island, so the GM decided that the sword would create the island and the conditions in which it could be used. This is a major relic, and it can only be used under certain circumstances, but when it IS used, this sort of thing happens.

"That ritual they did is not a nice situation. If you lose, you die and your ghost gets bound into a demon as a power source. If you win, you turn into a demon." - Saronil
"It was not. It was very not nice." - GM

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Episode 27: Nobles Oblige - 06 Jun 2021 10:44


Karentha was introduced after Varaema retired.

Plot was made up mostly of people trying to meet up and go to a temple.

IC Play

Notes by Aria's player, and a little of my own writing-up.

Ethlin, senior in [Issarian] temple is talking to Aria
Interesting shipments in Clearwine area. Seems that everyone likes Clearwine right now
Seems hazia (drug) is moving around17
Might find joy in Whilmskirk
Request has come via him from elsewhere
Pick up a few amphoras for him

Hardeep asks him about Esephorus (Yelmite who approached him)
Says Andr should find out more about it
Torc is connection to Yelm (This was a torc that had the Shield spell on it.)

Andr holding western line in unimportant position with barbarians
Harrek makes his way through barbarians. Attention drawn by Lunar battle wizards
Yelm’s spear hits Harrek. He and his men run through but the Lunar spell casters were singed
(Harrek did a very powerful thing by redirecting the bolt)

Andr told to seek out answers

Wet and rainy in Wintertop. Seeing priestess at SHaker temple, Aranga. Earth and disorder tattoos
[Kerentha] addressed as merchant. Says she has news for Yara pertaining to a Lunar
Given gold coins to start a caravan
Heads off to Sartar. Talks to trolls at market
Tries to work out where [Aria] is from trolls, they don’t know
At Boldhome, heads to tent of Argan Argar

Troll approaches Aria asking about Yara

Goes to find Yelmite Esephorus, talks to him for guidance
Needs to look for shield
Given golden necklace

Hunting for Aria, Aria convinced to go north to Old Tarsh without friends

Talks to Hardeep

Karentha, a noble of Tarsh was called on by the Shaker Temple, who told her they expected to see Aria arrive there as soon as possible. To disguise the fact that a noble was travelling on such a task, and because she was a worshipper of Argan Argar, they outfitted her as a merchant, and sent her away. Karentha reached Boldhome and told Aria that the Shaker Temple wanted to talk to her, but the rest of the group was not quite ready to go. Still, they began putting the expedition together. Karentha made contact with the Shakers and the Argan Argar temple in Boldhome.

Fargast, in the marketplace (Possibly in Whitewall?), met a Yelmite by the name of Esephenos, who told him to live up to his potential, or words to that effect. He had no idea what that meant.

Other Things

Contextless Quote: "You have loins painted on the floor for the benefit of humans."

Semi-precious stones = Troll Skittles

GM Fiat: a small red car zooms up and dumps the plot out.

"I'm not going anywhere near anything that's coming out of your mouths." - Karentha
*weak sobs of laughter* - GM and Androus

"How urgently?" - Aria
"Consider who is asking." - Karentha, for the Shaker Temple

"I wish to speak with you about a Lunar." - Karentha
"Two Lunars and we can talk." - (What I wished Aria had said)

Kosa criticals intimidate at Karentha. (GM decided to for her, as Kosa was absent RL)
"Oh, don't worry, she does that. It seems to be a hobby of hers." - Aria

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